Six Housewarming Gift Ideas That Aren’t Too Heavy on the Pocket

It’s an honor to be invited to a housewarming party. This only means that you are important to this person or this family, which is why they wanted you to be part of this new milestone in their life. While housewarming gifts aren’t really required, it is nice when you can bring a present to the person/s who invited you. When budget is tight, you can always try to make a nice gift yourself or you can always look for more affordable housewarming gifts that won’t be too heavy on the pocket. Here are some ideas that you can take a look at:

1. Kitchen Tools

Food ProcessorsOne can never have too many kitchen tools. While you probably can’t use everything all at the same time, these things get old and overused so it’s better if there’s a backup. If you know the couple likes baking, kitchen utensils and small kitchen appliances for baking are a nice gift. While some may think that even the best processor for baking and cakes aren’t enough of a gift, these items will surely be appreciated as housewarming gifts.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always very helpful. Whether it’s a gift card from the grocery or a department store or even relaxation packages in a spa or salon, these will always be much appreciated. Most people who just moved into a new home most likely spent a lot of their cash and overloaded their credit cards with home expenses. While giving them a cash envelope wouldn’t be ideal at all, a gift card would be a much better idea.

3. Home Décor

You have to be very careful when giving home décor though because decorations that wouldn’t look great along with the rest of the new home of your friend will probably be hidden in storage. As much as possible, you want to give something useful. Find out the theme or at least the color scheme of the new home and base your choice of home décor there.

4. Pillows

Throw pillows or bedroom some nice down pillows are also great gifts that won’t be too heavy on the pocket. Of course, your friend will most likely have all the pillows they need in their bedroom but extra ones would still be good especially if they welcome guests every once in a while.

5. Picture Frames

No matter how digital this world can get, each house can still be easily transformed into a home with the help of picture frames. Picture frames can easily add that personal touch to a house, which makes a bare home into a family home. Better than paintings because you’ll never know if the painting you choose is something that will please the taste of the new homeowner, picture frames need not have a photo yet because your friend will be the one who will add their choice of photos onto the frame.

6. Framed Mirror

Choose a classy framed mirror that will easily match any house theme. When someone has a new house, they will probably get a couple of mirrors but each room of the home won’t have one yet so if you give them one, expect them to hang it on the wall soon. Even better, each time they look into the mirror, they will be reminded of you.